DJ TREND (aka Scott Demarko) had been crafting his signature sound over a decade mixing funk, disco, electronic house, hip hop, and mashups for major events, shopping malls, concert tours, private parties, upscale weddings, clubs and more! Trend specializes in crafting the perfect blend while maintaining a fusion and joy for the audience at hand and carefully telling a story of music, tone, and feet moving rhythm. In other words the energy is always rising as the beat keeps on playing!

DJ TREND (Currently based in Fort Wayne, IN) started DJing at age 14 after enjoying music and wanting to be a part of it more, he sold his Ham Radio setup, went to work in the cornfields of Indiana as  corn detasseling, and saved up $500 to invest in perhaps the cheapest setup money can buy (2 personal cd players and a mixer).   It wasn’t long though after DJing sweet 16 parties, small birthdays, and even a few weddings that Trend was able to save up and invest in some better gear, and propel his vision of the future.  Back then he created a DJ company called Close Encounters Entertainment and focused more on the mobile side of DJing then clubs.  It wasn’t until he moved to California that DJing would become a lifetime goal and dream.

DJing had always been something fun to do a hobby and nothing more, but one day while walking through the Spectrum shopping center in Irvine, CA he saw a DJ working in a store making an appearance and it just hit him.  This could be a career opportunity, and a significant form of income, not only just something fun to do for friends and small parties. After moving back to Indiana to be closer to his family again, he worked in a factory for 2 years gaining traction for the Midwest crowd and networking significantly with the clubs and DJs in the area. Trend had been highly interested in Dance and had even danced in classes instructed by Wade Robson (Nsync/Britney) and Shane Sparks in LA and in his late teens/early 20s was a well established club dancer.  Dance in a way allowed him to get up close to the DJs at the time who were working the clubs as he could setup dance routines and choreography that would surround their music and bring in other people to form mini dance groups for each weekend.  At first this was just a way in, to meet people in the industry but it eventually became part of his loves and would eventually lead him to move to to Fort Wayne to pursue music and dance while working at one of the top music technology companies in the USA and learning from one of the best POP/Lock/and B-BOY instructors in the Midwest. Coda aka Glide & Pringles had an amazing class for break dancing that would draw people from hundreds of miles away.  Learning to combine dance and music would eventually lend to a better understanding of how DJs bring timing, and song selection to keep their sets flowing better and their dancers happy.

Trend is also a well known entrepreneur and his signature name is actually that of a marketing gimmick to promote his first company and label brand Trend Planet. Today Trend Planet consists of multiple websites, blogs, services including Vizual Phenomena Design, Photography, & Video & Fort Wayne Party DJ Entertainment for the local Fort Wayne, Indiana region. DJ Trend was originally known as DJ TREND PLANET back in 1999, but later shortened it to DJ TREND for ease of promotion in 2003.

These days Trend is working on releasing new mix tapes, new music ideas in dance/funk/soul and loving the life DJing at clubs and events while working on the many dreams he still has for the future.

Catch Trend at one of his next events. Txt 260-255-4386 for current details, follow him on twitter @djtrend or check out his show page!