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Facebook made me change my name.

Facebook made me change my name.

Facebook has an automated system that if they feel like you are not using your legal name they automatically ask you to change it, regardless of use, or details, or function. There is no way to communicate with anyone to verify identity prior to this change and on Oct 15th I changed my name from D.J. Trend on facebook which I have been known by since 2006 to a name most have never heard of.

Here is my note to Facebook.  I trust this gets resolved but at stake isn’t just my name.  Its the hundreds of artists & entertainers that use their stage name to promote and manage their life and accounts.

Hello Facebook Team,

I signed up for Facebook Many years ago as D.J. TREND. I have been known publicly and professionally as DJ TREND since 2003. I have every iteration of this registered on every social network and have for years. Today after being on Facebook for years I was asked to change my name from D.J. Trend to another name because it violated terms. I find this both unfair, and a challenge. I have paid for Facebook ads specifically to build my reputation and my name towards my profession. Literally thousands of people are on my facebook friend list because they know me publicly as DJ TREND.  People in real life know me specifically as DJ TREND.  Having to change it to a different name is a confusion to my audience, my friends, family, the hundreds of nightclubs I work at, the weddings and business’s I am part of. DJ TREND is 100% me. I ask that you please review my account immediately and allow me to return to my name I have used D.J. Trend.  This is both my profession, my lifestyle, my artist name, my public image, and more.  I do not use this name to hide behind walls, or keep secret something on my birth certificate.  The reality is this.  I had a dream when I was a kid to be a DJ.  I started a company called Trend Planet in 1999 way before Facebook was ever in the books. I believed in that name so I promoted my DJ life as DJ TREND because it was a function of my day to day life as a businessman.  So both personally and in business I have always been known as DJ TREND or simply Trend.

I have literally hundreds of DJs in my organization who are also using D.J. _____ as their name and in public that is what they are known by. In private thats what they are known by. Their family and friends know them by that name. We spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to build a brand and being asked to go by a different name is actually an interference to the idea of using real names. It really doesn’t get any more real than this for DJs who provide this name as their real name at every turn. We aren’t hiding behind this, we are this 100%. It is no different then the naming rights you are allowing drag queens and other performers of the arts.  We deserve the same protection.

Please reconsider my namechange and allow me to return to D.J. Trend

Thank you,
D.J. Trend

twitter: @djtrend



October 16th, 2014

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